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What To Bring To Your Appointment

  • Referral

  • Any imaging results

  • Medicare details

  • Health insurance details

  • List of current medications

  • List of allergies / reactions

Consultation Fees

Fees charged in this practice are based on the Australian Medical Association recommended fee.  This means that in most instances there will be a portion of your consultation fee which will not be covered by Medicare or your health fund.  It is important that you ask about this gap prior to receiving treatment if you are concerned about it.

Surgery Fees

Once it has been determined that an operation is needed, our staff will be able to provide you with a cost estimate for your surgery.  This can be a confusing area and our staff will readily offer you assistance in navigating the financial part of your surgery. This includes help with paper work, hospital admissions, health insurance fund rebates and the like.


With respect to plastic and reconstructive surgery, some of the operations will receive a benefit from your insurer whilst others will not.   We are able to give you the appropriate advice on these matters and give you estimates of what the final costs might be.  Please be advised that when you have an operation, there is a fee for your attending surgeon, assisting surgeon, anaesthetist and the hospital.


Our staff are fully informed about charges and rebates and will be able to help you navigate your way through this complex area.  Your out of pocket surgery fee covers you for up to six weeks of post operative care.

Patient Information

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